Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the ravens and the ninja.

so i live in maryland now.
this day has been talked of for so long.
but finally its here.
its kinda wierd.
i dont live in florida anymore.
i miss florida.
i mean.
parts of it.
not the weather.
i wasn't a huge fan of the beach so i dont miss that.
the people.
i miss the people in florida.
the whole atmosphere.
the florida vibe.
ill bring the florida vibe to maryland.
ill infect this northen state with the culture of florida.
so let me tell you about the journey from bradenton florida.
to chattanooga tennessee.
to hagerstown maryland.
she woke me up at 6am.
do you remember when i said i had that florida vibe.
well in that.
6am wasn't a huge part of it.
we packed the car like there was no tomorrow.
full to the rim.
after my parents prayed for us.
blessed us.
and kissed us goodbye.
we went forth ahead to this destiny.
but it was still 6am.
actually by this time it was closer to 7am.
i just wanted to beat atlanta traffic.
cause if you dont know anything about atlanta traffic then you dont know traffic.
9 hours.
9 hours is what it took me and staci and the z-fighter.
the z-fighter is the name of the beast of a vehicle i call my own.
9 hours.
9 hours is what it took me and staci and the z-fighter to reach my grandparents home in chattanooga tennessee.
a beautiful place.
she fell in love with it automatically.
which is good for me.
cause i love the chatt.
the chatt is my nickname for chattanooga.
i just made it up right now as im writing this.
it'll catch on.
so we spend some time with my grandparents.
and fellowshipping.
a good time.
its been a few years since ive seen them last and the last time ive seen them last was when my dad was in the hospital.
so to see them without any medical attention was a good thing in my opinion.
spent the night there because i needed to rest my weary bones.
by the way did i mention the only thing we were listening to for the entire ride was country.
and being more specific taylor swift.
not my choice but i am secure enough to say that i enjoy taylor swift.
so what.
shes good.
morning drew upon us.
and we began another journey.
another 9 hours to maryland.
after being prayed for by my grandparents.
being blessed by them.
hugging and kissing them.
we went on for this last leg of my move.
another 9 hours.
just driving thats all.
nothing special.
we didnt pull over to the side of the road every cool touristy thing we saw.
we drove it straight through.
got in towards the 9 or 10 o'clock hour.
and we just crashed.
my driving was over with.
my car made it.
and that was the suprise of all.
that the z-fighter made it.
a car with over 180,000 miles made another cross country trip.
maybe not cross country but up country.
its wierd.
more so scary.
i mean.
i moved away from my friends and family.
i never thought i would do that.
i know it was going to happen.
that it was supposed to happen.
no one can be in a long distance relationship forever.
so it was bound to happen.
i just cant believe it finally happen.
to me.
so i finally got a job.
when i start working there is another story.
its taking a couple days to long for the final paperwork/background check to get done.
but i have a job.
thank God cause the money i came up here with is saying goodbye quickly.
and bills are about to say hello.
that right there was a stretching point.
the im about to experience a new level of my faith point.
no income.
no reserve.
starting to totally freak out.
becoming anxious.
then i realized.
i didnt lay down all my fears to God.
and i allowed the enemy to plant seeds in my spirit saying that this was a bad idea.
He feeds even the ravens.
Luke 12.24.Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds?
im much more value than the birds.
and once i realized what im doing by moving to maryland is a holy venture.
that God has anointed both staci and i for this.
and once i realized that i have Jehova Jirah.
i didnt care.
i said Lord you are worth it.
You have every part of this plan written down.
and you know when everything is going to happen next.
so i have no fear anymore.
i have no anxiety anymore.
i worship you in this struggle.
i thank you for the stretching.
and i say that you are my God.
what i realized is that God will not leave you all alone to figuire life out for ourselves.
Hes there with you as you figuire life all alone for yourself.
with His still calming voice whispering down your spirit.
Hes like a ninja.
Hes there but we dont see Him.
and thats why He is so amazing.
a God i can call all my own.
that we may feel all alone yet we rest in His arms and we dont know it.
James 1.2-4.Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
through this ive come to realize that stretching of ones self is a very uncomfortable place to be set in.
and thats exactly how God intended it.
He doesnt want it to be easy peasy.
because what do we learn from it.
i was raised hearing the phrase "no pain, no gain" scattered upon tshirts and stickers.
never understanding that phrase until recently.
until recently have i felt pain, and until recently am i into the process of gain.
im gaining more mature in the Lord.
my spirit man is advancing with this new journey.
and it is good.
so the phrase "no pain, no gain" takes on a whole new reality for me.
a new world.
an alternate universe.
where a boy becomes a man.
and ventures into something he has no clue about.
theres no book i can read that can help me.
no map to follow.
cause thats cheating.
and what do you gain from it.
so yeah.
qouting jim carrey in bruce almighty.
"its good".
its good.
or it will be good.