Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the story of staci and me

theres this girl. and she is something awesome. she drives me crazy. and crazy in love.
shes lives in maryland, and as of june 18th 2009, i still reside in florida.
how did this pair meet?
im totally kidding. seriously.
but seriously. how we met. is awesome.
between the years of 2006-2008 i traveled off and on with tommie zito ministries. a revivalist, whose passion was to awake the sleeping church, and take back their city, to teach a church to share their faith in Jesus to a damned generation.
(i just wanted to say damned)
i worked for the tech department, filming the services, taking photographs, video editing, and some web site maintenance.
i want to give a quick shout out to firefox's spell check tool, for without you, this entry would look so retarded.
february. williamsport maryland. gateway ministries.
it was a week of incredible meetings, so awesome they decided to continue for another week.
we made good friends there, some i totally forgot, others i occasionally chat with, one i fell for completely.
one evening, i was asked to do something, im sorry i couldnt give you the information of what that something was, because frankly, i dont remember. chances are it was something to do with a camera. chances are correct.
i was walking up their sanctuary, minding my own business, and suddenly, this girl interrupted my focus and said, "you know, i think you should smile more."
and that was that, i said, "oh really now" laughed and went on my way.
five, maybe six steps later, i turned around to see who this girl was, and why did she stop me?
did i have a look of anger on my face, frustration? ive been told when im doing nothing, i have a blank stare. my face says nothing when nothing is going on, my body language is completely void of all interaction when there is nothing to say or do.
people ask if im ok, depressed or something, will they leave me alone im fine.
im fine.
so why did she interrupt me, two years and some change later i dont care.
im so glad she did.
the next evening i was up near the sound booth working on a computer, when she walked up there talking to another member of the road team. i was done with my work but i stood there, waiting for her to walk away, so we may "accidentally" cross paths and i can smile at her and greet her.
i did this at least twice that i know of.
im quoting fitzwilliam darcy when i say, "she bewitched me mind, body, and soul"
for some reason she found my phone number.
that reason was myspace, cause im the genius who put his phone number on myspace.
i did that because i wanted some girl to call me, seriously. i was that shallow.
when she texted me. the next day i took the number down.
we then began a texting relationship that would go past my allowed messaging plan.
asking questions personal, odd, informal, and amusing.
during this period of time, or time i would like to call the application process, i figured out she was the one for me.
she was the one i knew that i could spend the rest of my life with.
i knew this, because she had the same level of sarcasm as i.
the conversation went...
staci: do you have any kids?
seth: no, do you?
staci: yes, a daughter
seth: oh cool
(now in my mind i already made the decision of, well it was nice to meet you, hope to see you at the meetings, and oh yes i will be avoiding you)
but than she did something so daring, so incredible, something so life changing that it would ignite a fire in my heart, two years and some change later i cannot put out, and i have tried, at least three times. sarcasm)
staci: im just kidding
she was just kidding, she lied to me, how dare she, does she not know how wrong that was to do that to someone? to lie to them, via text! how dare she!!
but i have done this so many times before to other random people i know and love.
at that moment there, i knew she was the one for me.
my heart knew she was it.
now as we let time catch up to us two years and some change later
it is june 18th, the time is two thirty six in the morning, and i am working a job that i am ready to move on.
i am saving as much money as a can, and with the plan that i have presented myself, by mid august when she flies from maryland to florida, a few days later we will begin a journey that will bring me an entire new world.
i will step into a new phase of manhood.
genesis 2:24-Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.
i am embarking on a journey that will take me from the south to the north.
i will not forsake my southern roots, but i will embrace a new way of life, as i leave my home, my friends, my life, and begin a new one with staci.
i have no clue what is going to happen in the next coming months, but i know that i have faith that God will guide my steps each way
He will be there as comforter to me
i once was nervous about this move
i even feared it
but now i am filled with joy, i am filled with excitement beyond what i can imagine
i am going to move, to be with someone, that is completely opposite of me.
God are you sure?
i mean she literally, in all ways imaginable, is not compatiable.
she aggravates me so much, i have to deal with her emotions, i mean Lord are you sure
and when i, saying these things to myself, she will do something.
and she doesnt know what shes doing, but she does something, and i laugh, and i continue to laugh.
and she gets annoyed. and i forget about all worry i have, and i know in my heart that i love this girl with all my soul.
that God has designed the two of us to be one.
football! bar-b-q! spitting! guns! whatever, im a guy. im just saying this so i can get lucky.
no im saying this cause i love her so much, and i cant waite to jump into this vast unknowing life that is to be.
its two forty nine in the morning.
and im going to bed now.
if you read all of this, then, im impressed.
its two fifty.
this is the story of staci and me
what is, and what is to be.she hates this picture. but its one of my favorites.

Monday, June 15, 2009


why did i start this blog?
because i want to inspire my self?
because i have alot of things to say, and twitter only gives me so many characters?
i dont know how to use the 'note' option on facebook?
i dont use myspace much anymore?
answer. all of the above.
i find i have somethings i want to say.
inspiring to either me or someone else.
but things.
about God.
i think im doing this because i know alot of people who have a blog and it seems like the "it" thing to do.
i actually want to do this.
i want to write.
i want to inspire.
i want to make people confused.
i want people to think im trying to hard to be intellectual.
i want people to see how stupid i am.
this could be a good thing.
ok well im going to end this.
and let you enjoy it.