Thursday, October 8, 2009

thank you ghandi

first update in a good bit
haven't been on a computer in a while
i should really learn how to blog via my phone
cause thats where im getting all of my internet action from
thank you technology
so whats the haps with me lately?
since ive been trying to get settled in maryland
i got a job, at radioshack, or as we like to refer to it as "the shack"
its cool
i guess
no, its cool
its a job i would never see me doing, and thank God that im doing
because this could be an awesome deal
just selling phones like a nasty, thats pretty much how i make my money
so if you live in the washington county area in maryland, and you need a new phone, or a phone upgrade
the radioshack in the valley road mall, ask for seth
theres one thing though which is a struggle for me
one thing that im consistently trying to achieve
and that is the keeping of my testimony
i am a very devout christian, who loves God, who seeks after the things of the supernatural
and i want people to see that and understand that in me, without thinking of me of the over christian-christian
i want to be a fun guy, which i am, i want to hangout and laugh, but i dont want to compromise

because really christians aren't like Jesus
Jesus is this amazing person, who loves the world, He died for our sins, knew the ins and outs of scripture, argued with the pharrisees, and He spent time with the sinners
i want to heal the broken hearted, and then have a drink with them seeing how there life is, to be there with them
not to spiritual father them, but be there brother
thats the difference between the character of the pharrasses and the character of Jesus
you have the pharrasses who are so over spiritual they think that any influence of the world would destroy there perfect spiritual mindset and there perfect spritual traditions
but then Jesus
whose just awesome
the son of God
who has the full empowerment of the Holy Ghost
dines with theives and sinners
showing them the love of His father
thats the difference between the over spiritual and the awesome
an uncompromise love that reflects His father

i want to show my co-workers an uncompromise love that reflects my heavenly father
salt is a preserve
it keeps things fresh and good
i want to be a fresh-good vessel of the love of God
i will laugh, i will joke but i will be the light for them
by simply being the love of God
i will reach a place in there spirit that no preacher will obtain
thats why the power of love is so awesome

so we agree
being the love of God, is alot easier then showing it

"i like your christ, your christians i do not like, your christians are not like your christ."-ghandi
hearing the immortal words of this revolutionary, i will try and prove him wrong, because we can be like Christ, and then some. so. thank you ghandi for saying that, i think its something we need to hear. a harsh reality really is the only one there is. so, thank you.

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  1. I love reading your blogs. I will always love reading them. I loved when you said Valley Road Mall. Cutie, its just the Valley Mall. Oh and I think you are doing a great job at showing your co-workers who Jesus really is. Keep up the good work! I'm so proud of you!